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PMDG777 オートパイロットのアラーム消せない件


問題はオートパイロットの解除の方法にあるようで、通常はMCPにある「A/P DISENGAGE」解除をすることを想定していないようです。





★PMDG B777 for Prepar3D/FSX その1 基本編




When the PMDG777 autopilot is released, a warning alarm sounds, but there are cases where the alarm cannot be released.

The problem seems to be in the method of canceling the autopilot, and it does not seem to be supposed to cancel “A / P DISENGAGE” in MCP.

It seems that the normal cancellation of the opi is to press the button for canceling the opi on the yoke. (I do n’t know if it ’s true or not because I got it from the information on the net…)

There seems to be a phenomenon that the alarm does not sound for the above reasons.

But if you are flying various models, you forget that. Moreover, it is troublesome to release it with the yoke ...

If you have installed "FSUIPC", you can easily release the alarm by setting this to a button such as a joystick. This method is explained in "" SEALS-Sea Air Land Space "", please refer to it.

★ PMDG B777 for Prepar3D / FSX Part 1 Basic

However, as I wrote above, I forget about it for a while.

Therefore, I will explain how to cancel the alarm with a video. Please refer to it.

Please change the settings at your own risk.

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